Product Features

All the Features Required to Boost Sales, Optimize Marketing, and Increase Customer Satisfaction

Accounts and Contacts Management

OroCRM gives you complete control over the way you manage your customers. With its comprehensive but easy-to-use interface, you can view and manage all of your accounts, customer interactions, and information in one place. OroCRM will also automatically sync and update customer profiles, merge accounts, and associate customer information across multiple channels, meaning you’ll never have to deal with duplicate information again.

Leads and Opportunities Management

Capturing and nurturing prospects through your sales process, converting them into leads, and closing opportunities are some of the most important activities for productive sales and marketing teams. OroCRM’s leads and opportunities management tools help you gather detailed information across all stages of the sales funnel so you can forecast sales pipelines and ensure your sales and marketing teams are meeting their goals.

360° View of Your Customer

OroCRM lets you capture data from every customer interaction, including products viewed, email responses, support tickets, and more. In addition, all this data is tracked across multiple touchpoints, such as online B2B and B2C stores, social channels, POS systems, and email campaigns, giving you a holistic 360° view of your customers.

Sales and Marketing Performance Dashboard

OroCRM’s dashboard drives strategic actions by giving you a comprehensive level of insight into your business performance and KPIs. Include any chart and data points you want to monitor, as well as perform segmented campaigns, increase email marketing conversions, and close more opportunities by configuring the dashboard according to your business’ specific needs.

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Reporting and Analytics

OroCRM comes out-of-the-box with a powerful reports engine that helps you gain unparalleled insight into your business’s performance. Easily generate reports that track everything from website revenues, sales force pipelines, conversion rates, and more, all through OroCRM’s intuitive dashboard.

Recency, Frequency, and Monetary (RFM) Analysis

RFM analysis is the tool of choice for marketers. Use it to quantitatively identify who your top customers are based on how recently they purchased, how often they purchase, and how much they spend when they purchase. Afterwards, this information can be used to market to them directly.

Workflows and Productivity Tools for Every Business

Build multiple workflows in order to optimize organizational best practices and manage specific sales processes, marketing activities, and more. In addition, email and Google Hangout integrations let you automatically upload and track emails, contacts, and calendar events, as well as easily communicate with customers and prospects. All this helps you improve productivity and focus on growing your business.

Integration With 3rd-Party Platforms

Gain full insight into your sales, marketing, and support efforts by integrating with eCommerce platforms, marketing tools, customer service systems, and more. The Magento Abandoned Cart extension, for instance, will reduce the number of customers who leave without making a purchase, while the ZenDesk integration will enhance your customer service. Whatever tool your business uses, OroCRM can connect with it.