Upcoming Version

Discover the latest version and what is coming in OroCRM.

OroCommerce integration

  • Seamless integration with the single application experience
  • Enable Quotes for Opportunities
  • Close Opportunities with Order
  • Opportunity line items
  • Sales workflows

Multi-currency sales

  • Configure available currencies on organization level
  • Record sales in multiple currencies
  • Track revenue and lifetime sales value in the base currency

Magento 2 integration

  • Sync customers, carts, orders, and subscriptions
  • Track customer behavior on websites

Sales team management

  • Territory management

Advanced application security

  • Password strength configuration
  • Mandatory password changes (Enterprise only)
  • Two-factor authentication (Enterprise only)
  • Mass password reset (Enterprise only)

Workflow management

  • Multiple active workflows for entity type
  • Workflow permissions management
  • Workflow availability management on record level
  • Time-triggered workflow transitions
  • Web API for workflows
  • Kanban board for workflows


  • Features availability management
  • Application menu configuration
  • Scalable job queue engine (MessageQueue)
  • Extended web API


To see a full list of features available in OroCRM 1.10.0 please visit our features page or browse through our previous releases page.