Upcoming Version

Discover the latest version and what is coming in OroCRM.

Version 1.10.0

  1. Improved sales pipeline workflow
    • Easily create and import Leads and Opportunities
    • Work with Leads and Opportunities directly, without the extra Sales Process medium
    • Convert Leads to Contacts and Opportunities
    • Develop Opportunity and change its probability accordingly
    • Built-in pipeline reports and dashboard widgets
  2. Multi-channel Account management
    • Single-channel mode with simplified user experience
    • Accounts as a single point of reference for all business transactions
    • Create Accounts of different types in a single form
  3. Application performance optimization
    • Quicker installation
    • Quicker UI response and page load
  4. API automation
    • GET API requests
  5. Other features
    • User-level application configuration
    • Full Maintenance mode for smooth system updates
    • PHP 7 compatibility
    • EWS synchronization improvements (Enterprise Edition only)

To see a full list of features available in OroCRM 1.9.0 please visit our features page or browse through our previous releases page.