Upcoming Version

Discover the latest version and what’s upcoming in OroCRM version.

OroCommerce integration

  • Seamless integration with the single application experience
  • Accounts with Lifetime sales value calculation for OroCommerce Customers
  • Track sales opportunities for OroCommerce customers

Sales process improvements

  • Easily enable or disable Leads and Opportunities as CRM features
  • Create Opportunities for OroCommerce and Magento customers
  • Associate Opportunity directly to an account
  • Check full sales history in a single list of opportunities at Account view
  • Conveniently create an Opportunity from any Account, Customer, or Contact record
  • See relevant sales history at Opportunity view to help develop a new deal

Multi-currency sales

  • Configure available currencies on organization level (Enterprise only)
  • Record sales in multiple currencies (Enterprise only)
  • Track revenue and Lifetime sales value in the base currency (Enterprise only)

Advanced application security

  • Password strength configuration
  • Mandatory password changes (Enterprise only)
  • Automatic user deactivation after consecutive failed logins (Enterprise only)
  • Two-factor authentication via email (Enterprise only)
  • Mass password reset (Enterprise only)

Workflow management

  • Multiple active workflows for entity type
  • Workflow permissions management
  • Time-triggered workflow transitions
  • Web API for workflows


  • New Oro application namespaces
  • Features availability management
  • Application menu configuration
  • Application localizations
  • Scalable job queue engine (MessageQueue)
  • Background execution of bulk import & export tasks
  • Extended web API


To see a full list of features available in OroCRM 1.10.0 please visit our features page or browse through our previous releases page.