Upcoming Version

Discover the latest version and what’s upcoming in OroCRM version.

This page contains features that we plan to introduce in the upcoming version of OroCRM. According to our release schedule, it will be version 2.1.0, due to be released in March 2017. Please be aware that release plans are indicative and may be changed over time.

OroCommerce integration

  • Track & forecast Commerce sales via automatically created Opportunities
  • Manage RFQs and Quotes from Opportunities

Sales territories (Enterprise Edition only)

  • Define sales territories for Leads, Opportunities, or Customers
  • Manually assign entities to territories
  • Filter data by territory in grids, reports, and dashboard widgets

Customer portal (Enterprise edition only)

  • Enable front-end customer portal
  • Display cases to customers

Inline editing at record views

  • Task view page
  • Opportunity view page
  • Contact view page

OroCRM Excel template

  • Excel template for easy Lead and Opportunity management
  • Add-in to sync data between Excel and OroCRM (Enterprise Edition only)

Workflow management

  • Workflow parameters
  • Reuse entity CRUD forms in workflow transitions


  • Parallelization of bulk import & export jobs for better performance
  • Extended web API


To see a full list of features available in OroCRM 2.0.0 please visit our features page or browse through our previous releases page.