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    I am using Oro Platform for my custom application. In here, I have created custom form Type called “CardType”.
    Now, When I load the form in controller like below,

    $form = $this->createForm(CardType::NAME , $card);

    I am getting following error.

    The optional option “config_id” has no value set. You should make sure it is set

    Kindly let me know why am I getting this error. What is config_id ?

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    Nikita Makarov
    Nikita Makarov

    Hello, sachingk.30.

    I’m not sure but seems your form extends some platform form that requires this option to be passed during form creation.
    Or your form may have fields what requires this option.

    Please provide more info and also please provide the version of a platform is used by you.

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