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    I need to duplicate the search engine of ORO (placed on the top bar) on my bundle, limited to one specific entity.
    I read (on OroBundle / SearchBundle / Resources /doc), and I found an interesting PHP code:

    it can be usefully for my needs?
    How I create the auto-complete form, like Oro’s search engine?

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    Alexandr Smaga

    Hello @infocurci!

    Is it really required to create new search engine for your case ? Could you please take a look to form that based on select2 with autocomplete(this one) it uses this controller for autocomplete, so, at least you can try to reuse controller.

    In order to make your entity available for search you need to create configuration file(see).

    If your really have some specific case you can take a look to our custom autocomplete handler there.

    Hope this will be helpful for you!

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