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    Hi all,

    I am experiencing an issue where the context relations of a calendar event are lost when you change the date/time of the event using the drag & drop calendar interface.

    This only seems to happen when you edit the contexts in the full view of the calendar event before moving it around in the calendar UI. If you add contexts to the event in the calendar view, they persist when you move it around. However, as soon as you then add/remove a context in the fullview and move it again, all the contexts are lost. This applies to any related entity, whether built-in (Accounts, B2B, etc.) or custom. There are no errors or exceptions that I can see.

    I’ve had a google around for this issue and tried searching the forum, but haven’t found anything. I haven’t had a look into what’s happening in the code during these interactions as I thought I’d just see if anyone knew about this before diving into it. I am running oro crm 1.9.0.

    Many thanks,


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    Mike Kudelya
    Mike Kudelya
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    I have reported this bug, thank you! I suggest you switch to 1.10 branch (if it possible) and run this command:

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