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    Hi guys,
    I encountered a problem with marketinglists, that i cannot figure out.
    When i – filtered by a username – get the marketinglist filled, all Leads are added correctly.
    Then, after I used the marketinglist to send a emailcampaign, when i change the owner of some of those leads, they wont disappear, nor appear in a other list, where they should.

    Did I understand wrong, how those marketinglists work?
    Is anyone else having this kind of a problem?

    Regards, Nino

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    Dmitry Khrysev
    Dmitry Khrysev
    Oro Core

    Hi, Nino.
    After marketing list records were contacted them are “frozen” for this list and always shown, even if them are not match original filtering criteria.



    Ah I see…
    Thank you very much.
    Now this makes sense.
    Now I have another question regarding this behaviour. Is there any way to copy the filtering criteria to create a copy-version of the Marketinglist? This way i should get a fresh list, with fresh filling, right?
    Problem is, i’m having leads in my list, that shouldn’t be there at this time.
    ATM I manually recreate the lists, because i don’t know, how to clone them or anything.

    Kind regards, Nino

    Artem Liubeznyi
    Artem Liubeznyi
    Oro Core

    Hi Nino,

    To re-use the filtering criteria, create a segment with them, and then apply this segment in every marketing list you need. Please check our Segments user guide for more details.

    Thank you.

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