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    Hi everyone, I had used Command to created a cron job. When I run it in with teminal, it’s work fine. But, after 30-40min, 1 error was occurred:

    Some I got an error:

    When I clear cache and try again, it’s worked.
    Someone can help?
    Questions marginalized: OroCRM provided class DateTime for get datetime, and option ‘now’ for get current date (today). Now, I want to get date yesterday. How can I perform that?

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    Mike Kudelya
    Mike Kudelya
    Oro Core


    First error always occurs when job is changing state from

    to other. You can look at job output and understand why job state was failed. You can do that by clicking on System -> Job Queue -> Job Item.

    Can you show me how this command looks like?

    Subtract one day you can the following command:



    Sorry, I can’t find this job item. But now, my cron job run ok, I think this error was occurred because some error syntax in my code.
    Thanks for your reply :)

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