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    Please take a look at the following image:

    Most CRMs will “tell” you what’s the last time you’ve contacted a person. Nimble, SalesforceIQ, Nutshell etc are not limited to just listing these contacts, but they also notify the contact manager if the contact wasn’t contacted for X days. You can set a threshold for each contact, or have a general limit. For example you can mark a contact as a “VIP” or set the app to remind you about that contact in one week/month/etc.

    Is there any way to have this (at least partially) on OroCRM?


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    Artem Liubeznyi
    Artem Liubeznyi
    Oro Core

    Hi Razvan,

    Simply create a report or segment with the filter on total number of all contacts or specifically outgoing contact attempts, like this:


    If you want to follow-up with your VIP contacts every month or so, create another filter on the last outgoing contact date and time with the “earlier than 30 days ago” filter (note the use of a variable):

    30 days

    Hope this helps.

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