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    Damien LE TROHER
    Damien LE TROHER

    Hi all !

    I have a problem with the beta5…

    I am installing Oro manually with these commands :

    But the first one crashes with this error :

    I am using php 5.3.3-7. After a little google search, it seems that this is the problem.

    So, to make this command to work, I changed “createQuery” in /orocrm-alpha5/vendor/oro/platform/src/Oro/Bundle/GridBundle/Datagrid/ORM/QueryFactory/AbstractQueryFactory.php

    from :


    Is there a better way ? Will this be fixed in the next beta ?

    Damien LE TROHER
    SYNOLIA – Division Ecommerce

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    Oro Core

    Thanks for the report.

    This issue will be fixed in next release.

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