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    Hi everybody!
    Please answer the questions on customization of Custom entity:
    1) How to enable inline editing of the fields in the custom entity grid?
    2) How to enable mass operation on rows in the custom entity grid?
    3) How to add fields Created At and Updated At that automatically track the time of actions?
    4) How to make 2 columns in the user (not admin) edit mode of an item of the custom entity?
    Many thanks for the answers!

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    Yevhen Shyshkin
    Yevhen Shyshkin
    Oro Core


    1-2) Can be done with the appropriate grid listener.
    3) Fields can be created from UI, refresh logic can be added with doctrine event listener for your entity.
    4) Can be done either using custom template for your extended entity, or using event oro_ui.scroll_data.before.custom_entity-update to alter content of rendered blocks.



    Hi Yevhen,
    Thanks for the useful answers!

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