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    I would really like to know how to create working entities. When I create a custom entity, in entity management, it shows up on the entity management page. However, when I create a new workflow my entity does not show up in the related entity dropdown. What do I do to make this visible in the entity dropdown?

    A crash course on how to create entities and entity fields would be extremely helpful.

    Thank you

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    Alexandr Smaga

    Hello @melanie-carlson !

    Thank you for your feedback. Our technical writers are working on detailed user guide, so, hope soon it will be easier to deal with Oro.

    Basically it’s not required to do some additional steps to use “custom entities” in workflows. You should to do following steps:

    • Create entity
    • Add at least one field to it
    • Run schema update(from custom entity view page, red button at top)
    • Go to system->workflows
    • Create workflow and choose just created entity in selector
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