OroCRM Demo

Open-source CRM Software

Sales & Marketing

This demo is for sales professionals looking to manage their customers' pipeline, from lead creation to opportunity management, forecasting and closed deals. OroCRM's productivity tools empower your sales team to make the most out of every opportunity, win deals and grow your business.

Online Retailer

This demo is for businesses selling products/services to consumers online and are looking to better understand their customers, launch targeted marketing campaigns and increase sales. Use OroCRM to track eCommerce data and customer behavior, segment customer, and personalize the customer experience.


This demo is for businesses managing multiple channels of sales and customers' touch points (B2B, B2C, brick & mortar stores, social channels, support, etc.) and are looking to measure performance across their offline and online stores. Use OroCRM to manage pipeline and customers across channels and territories and consolidate customer data into a comprehensive 360 degree view.