OroCRM for Wholesalers & Distributors

Simplify and personalize your wholesale customer experience

OroCRM for Wholesalers & Distributors

As a wholesale business, your customer management needs are often more custom than those of other businesses. The customer relationships you manage are complex and require an intimate knowledge of their needs.

OroCRM allows you to manage customer relationships in a way that makes sense for you and your business. Manage individual contacts at each company you work with, and manage unique sales flows depending on the type of customers or products you are selling. Capture details on everything from preferred shipping methods, to payment terms, to specific buyer history. Our multi-channel data capture allows you to manage integration with key customer purchase systems like Magento and OroCommerce, or your ERP system. All of This allows you to treat each customer relationship, like it is your only relationship.

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Signature Products Group

SPG: Signature Products Group


SPG’s biggest challenge was to find a CRM solution that offered the flexibility to identify and quantify unique opportunities across each of their different retail channels with the overall goal of increasing sales and growing the business.

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OroCRM is a highly scalable, robust, and customizable CRM that can be easily implemented without extensive customization.

Tej Shah, VP, Marketing & eCommerce at Overture Promotion

Feature Highlights for Wholesalers & Distributors

Intelligent account management

Associate any customer information collected with the corresponding account on your eCommerce platform. Even if this data comes from multiple channels, including social media, we will automatically sync and update your customer profiles.

Recover abandoned carts with eCommerce Integration

Integrate with eCommerce platforms to identify which customers leave your website with abandoned shopping carts and segment them for future marketing campaigns to capture your lost sales.

Capture customer data from every interaction

Track activities across multiple channels and see every interaction, including products viewed, tickets logged, email sent, and more.

Workflows tailored to your business

Customizable workflows to help you efficiently manage sales processes, customer relationships, marketing activities, and whatever else without complicated workarounds.