White-Label OroCRM

The CRM Built for Your Industry Requirements

Are you interested in developing your own custom or industry-specific CRM? OroCRM is able to accelerate that process by saving your team the time, effort, and expense associated with building a custom product.

Whether you want to rebrand it, resell it, or customize it to meet a specific market need, OroCRM offers white-labeling and original equipment manufacturing (OEM) capabilities. Its unmatched flexibility and a wealth of out-of-the-box features will adapt to your unique customer needs.

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Feature Highlights for White-Label Solutions

Total Cost of Ownership and Time to Market

With its rich out-of-the-box features and capabilities, OroCRM provide developers with a huge head start, accelerating time to market and maximizing capital investment.

Get the CRM You Need Without Compromising

Everything about OroCRM is fully customizable in order to fit your customer’s specific needs and existing workflows. Ensure your CRM is able to adjust to your processes and workflows instead of the other way around.

Scalability for the Long-Term

Homegrown solutions lack scalability and long-term viability as more and more data and requirements are added. OroCRM will grow with your business, giving you a reliable CRM platform that can trusted for years.

Flexible Pricing and Licensing Model

Our team works with our OEM customers to match the price to their unique business model. We have worked with companies in almost every sector of the market, from real estate to insurance.

Hear From Our Customers

Advisors Excel

Advisors Excel's challenge was to reduce organizational “drag” when moving information between them and their advisors. Since each of their Advisors is independent and typically self-employed, Advisors Excel wanted a single platform that could be used among a variety of unique businesses.

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April Moto

April Moto’s challenge was to create a central repository for every lead, customer, and pricing quote. In addition, the customer require a flexible solution that could support multiple workflows for various email and calling activities.

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