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    Firstly, OROCRM looks fantastic and I’m really looking forward to work with it!

    I’m trying to get a Vagrant + Ansible setup working with it using PHP & NGINX, I think I’m nearly there apart from one issue which is the login screen, it seems to be forwarding me to a generic ORO login screen and not the OROCRM login screen. When I try and login it just forwards me back to the same screen with no validation messages or indication of any issues that occurred.

    If I run the same codebase and database under PHP’s built in server it works fine and I see the correct OROCRM login screen which allows me to login.

    I’ve spent a lot of time trying to work out what is going on, does this sound familiar to anyone else?

    Many thanks,


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    I’ve now found out what the issue was, I needed to configuring the directory where session files are saved. So within the parameters.yml file I’ve set the “session_handler” to “null”, I’m aware that Symfony will store the session data in files in the cache directory now which means that when I clear the cache, any current sessions will also be deleted, this works for me while I’m within a development environment.



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