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    Hi there,

    I’ve added a field called “brand” on “Magento Shopping Cart Item” entity using the Entity Management. (I did a custom change on my Oro Bridge to provide this data.) The same idea is working well on an another OroCRM installation 1.8.*.

    From Magento integration’s log, I’m seeing this:

    I tried to update any kind of cache or entity config and everything looks OK. Even using this debug command I can see the “brand” extended field description.

    Some commands I tried:

    I’ve done this before with no problems, I’m not sure if it’s something related with the latest 1.9.0 crm.
    Anyone have any clue to solve it?


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    Forgot to mention this one having issues as well. Dynamically added “categories” field.

    Ivan Klymenko
    Ivan Klymenko
    Oro Core

    Hi Rodolfo,
    are you able to use these entities and extended fields via create/edit forms?



    Hi Ivan,

    No because there is no way to use create/edit forms to create a new Magento Shopping Cart Item.
    Despite those errors on integration logs, all brands and categories are coming and being saved on Cart Items.

    So, no idea why those warnings. 🙂

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