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    Hi all,

    Running oro:requirejs:build builds oro.min.js for several layouts.
    Looks, these scripts (except /web/js/oro.min.js) are not used at all.
    How can I set up the configs so that these files are not built? Or are they needed indeed?
    Configuration below, output below, no layout.yml configured, default (oro) theme is configured.
    ORO patform v 2.3 is used


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    Nikita Makarov
    Nikita Makarov

    In 2.3 version and below, these scripts are really not used, and their assembly can be disabled only by overriding and changing the source code of the assembly command.

    Starting from version 2.4, these scripts will be used at the OroCommerce frontend for an active layout of the theme.

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