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    I’ve implemented a custom workflow for managing our Opportunities.
    At a certain step, the user has to request management approval of the opportunity. I can apply a rule to prevent step transition but I would also like to block editing of the opportunity at that state.

    I’ve looked around the documentation and I can’t any way to restrict editing (to a group that has the edit role always available) based on the opportunity status.

    Can someone point me in the best direction, please ?

    Kind regards,

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    Oro Core

    Hi, manuel.capinha!

    If I correctly understand you question, to block editing of the Opportunity with some state you can use, for example, Symfony serurity voters (see

    For example, create a security voter class like this

    and then register it as security voter


    Manuel Capinha

    This looks like exactly what I was needing.
    Thanks a lot!

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