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    andrew wilcox

    Oracle’s preferred method for MySQL HA is to use GTID based replication. To enable GTID based replication, two things need to be added to the /etc/my.cnf file

    The oro_search_index_text table is MyISAM. Updates to a MyISAM table have certain restrictions when using GTIDs.

    The install script will break when the target database is set up for GTID based replication. The specific error is:

    Running this statement outside a transaction (or in autocommit mode) should solve this.

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    andrew wilcox

    (Using MySQL 5.7 BTW. GTIDs are post 5.1 IIRC)

    Artem Liubeznyi
    Artem Liubeznyi
    Oro Core

    Hi Andrew,

    Thanks for sharing the issue. Is there anything we can help you in this regard, or you’re just sharing the knowledge to the community?


    andrew wilcox

    Hi Artem,

    Just sharing the issue and hoping for a fix in the near future.

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