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    Hi ! Is it possible to have more information about GET, DELETE, POST, PATCH with the custom entities cause I don’t find any information in the documentation and in the localhost:{host}/api/doc/rest_json_api. How or where can I manage/create it ?

    Thanks !

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    Yurii Muratov
    Oro Core

    Hello, benjamin.goumot.

    I just create custom entity at my instance and check if there is the information about this API resource at the sanbox (/api/doc/rest_json_api) page. And for my instance, i have a block with my custom entity API resource.

    Please specify what information do you want to see about this API resource?



    in mine there is nothing about my custom entities and i don’t know why… Maybe I do something wrong when i create my entities but i follow the documentation and nothing about my entities in the list (/api/doc/rest_json_api)



    Hello, benjamin.goumot,

    Can you please provide additional information about your entity and how you connected it to API? Maybe some cache-issue, did you try to clear cache for API?

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