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    Stan Lindsey

    It is way too confusing to have an Account, with attached Contacts, with an additional attached B2B Contact in order to have an opportunity.

    I want to attach an opportunity just to an Account or Contact, without the need for B2B customers as a completely separate table.

    Also – how do I add filters to the accounts/contacts page?

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    Artem Liubeznyi
    Artem Liubeznyi
    Oro Core

    Hi Stan,

    Thanks for the feedback. We wholeheartedly agree that our two-tier customer management might be an overkill at times, especially if you do not work in multi-channel environment with different types of customers. We are planning to make things more straightforward and easy to work with in one of our future releases, probably before the end of the year. Please stay tuned.

    To add filters to any grid you need to edit its config file. No UI tool for grid management yet (but we have it in the roadmap!).

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