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    we’re evaluating orocrm.

    The app was installed as described in the github repo, including supervisord and cron setup and is working correctly. We set it up in production env.

    Also we created a sales channel, and added business customer and sales process as entities. Both Opportunity and Lead Types are activated from Config/CRM/Sales.

    Both Lead and Opportunities can be created manually. Also the Unqualified Sales Lead Workflow is activated and working.

    We then added a System mailbox via Config/Email/System Mailboxes (Imap and SMTP enabled) with E-Mail processing Action set to ‘Convert to lead’, Owner and source ‘demand generation’. Also Access Management is configured. The E-Mail Accounts (local Mail Server / Linux based) Folders show up correctly.

    Also we added a Auto-Responder with a template.

    Now the Problem:

    For testing purposes, we then send an Email from an external Mail Provider to our newly configured Mailbox. The Mail was written as plain text and did not contain any special characters.

    A Minute later, the E-Mail shows up correctly in the System Mailbox inside orocrm. Also the job Processing shows the auto respond message is successfully send and it actually is (Confirmed in Senders inbox).

    No Errors are logged.

    So the whole Email parsing process works, but no Lead Entity is created. We’ve read through a lot of Forum posts ans already checked the database charset etc.

    It looks like the Inbox to lead process is never executed.

    In User Guide / Customer Mngt it seems like you can add Opportunity and Lead to the sales channel.

    These Entities are not available in the current release.

    Could this be the source of the problem?

    Thank you in advance & Kind Regards

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    Mike Kudelya
    Mike Kudelya
    Oro Core

    Hi Martin

    Unfortunately, you have found a bug. Thank you for reporting it! As workaround, I suggest that you remove this line and run:

    Please note, that a lead is created after you click on the email message, for example on the user’s My Emails page.



    Hi Mike,

    many thanks for your support! I can confirm, that it’s working now.

    Does this workaround has any impact on the crms internal processing logic?

    Mike Kudelya
    Mike Kudelya
    Oro Core

    Does this workaround has any impact on the crms internal processing logic?

    The issue will be fixed in the next release, but for now you can apply the following patch. Please, put the file into the root directory of your project and run the following command:


    Please note, that is a temporary solution, vendor patching is bad practice!



    Hey Mike,
    i’ve applied the patch and it’s now working as expected.

    It’s maybe worth mentioning for other users, that before applying the patch.txt, the changes from post #2 need to be rolled back or git will refuse the patch.

    Thanks Again for your great support!

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