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    I created a marketing list in OroCrm with all ORDERS MADE YESTERDAY (today -1). This list is synchronized with the list in MAILCHIMP.

    The problem:

    Everytime OROCRM syncronises with MAILCHIMP, new entries are added up in MAILCHIMP list (instead of clearing the data and sync new ones).

    The marketing list in OROCRM is showes correctly the data everyday I check. But in mailchimp all data are added to previous one – meaning that the list in MAILCHIMP is growing each day.

    If I have 10 orders each day for three days; the mailchimp list will have 30 entries (instead of just 10 actual entries for day -1). I do not want this. I only need actual data each data.

    Is this a expected behavior or may I need to modify settings in ORO or MAILCHIMP?

    Thank you in advance.

    Best regards.

    OroCRM 2.1.6 community, Php 7.0.21, MAILCHIMP free subsription

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