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    I’m having issues installing v1.8.0. I’ve cloned the 1.8.0 branch, ran $ composer install, and proceeded to install Oro CRM with $ php app/console oro:install (with database setup and db details in app/config/parameters.yml

    Everything runs okay initially, my environment passes all initial tests.

    Installation gets stuck after the bundle OroCRM\Bundle\SalesBundle\Migrations\Schema\OroCRMSalesBundleInstaller and throws the following error:

    Neither Oro’s logs or my servers PHP logs contain anything relating to the installation.

    Any insight would be greatly appreciated!



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    Could you disable OpCache in php.ini, recreate DB, remove app/cache/dev and try again installation?



    Thanks Roman,

    I tried that by adding ini_set('opcache.enable', 0); to app/console.php, recreated DB and cleared cache.

    This is confirmed when the installer runs:

    | OK | intl ICU version should be at least 4+
    | WARNING | Install and enable a PHP accelerator like APC (highly recommended).

    However I still get the same error.





    Just a quick update.

    I tried installing via the Web GUI – installation failed and logs indicated the same issue.

    I then tried just installing Oro BAP on its own, which installs and runs fine.



    I’ve successfully installed OroPlatform v1.8 and Oro CRM v1.7.

    Either upgrading v1.7 to v1.8 or adding CRM to OroPlatform v1.8 results in the same issue.


    What is your default locale and ICU version?



    Hi Roman – how would I identify those?

    I’ve now managed to install v1.8 by installing Oro CRM v1.7, then upgrading using the following procedure:

    $ git clone .
    $ git checkout 1.7
    $ composer install --prefer-dist
    $ php app/console oro:install

    I then verified everything was running and upgraded:

    $ git checkout 1.8
    $ composer install --prefer-dist
    $ rm -rf app/cache/* web/js/* web/css/*
    $ php app/console oro:platform:update --env=prod --force

    This threw an error when trying to log in so I ran:

    $ php app/console cache:c -e prod --no-warmup

    I can now log in and identify I’m running v1.8:

    I’d be happy to continue assisting to try and locate the root of the issue with a clean v1.8 install if that helps?


    Could you share php error log with errors raised during app/console oro:platform:update? Actually it can be timeout error or error with concurrent access to caches files

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