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    I worked on the french translation in Crowdin of OroPlatform and OroCRM and I’d like to install it into OroCRM. How can I do it? By Akeneo, it’s possible to install such packages into the folder app/Resources/, I did the same for OroCRM but it doesn’t work.

    I saw there is a process into OroCRM backend to install a translation package but this process bother me for two reasons 1) the downloaded package is not the up to date version from Crowdin 2) it is stored into app/cache, so once I want to deploy my code to a production server (it’s not yet the case it will be done only when there is an official release).

    Thank you for your answer.

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    Alexandr Smaga


    You can install it as well in the app/Resources/, did you clear caches?
    From UI you can download and install the latest translation build(should be approved and built by responsible person from ORO)

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