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    I created a new mass-action for order-items-grid in orocrmmagentobundle. But have a little bug, when selected only one item and executed delete mass action I get a error ‘There is nothing to do in mass action “delete””. The method this.datagrid.getSelectionState() returned Object which contain array selectedIds , but value of every item is undefined. On another pages situation is different, delete mass action worked as expected. What problem can be here?
    My datagrid:

    My send-shioment-action.js:

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    Problem was in datagrid.yml of the magentobundle. There was missed properties id for magento-orderitem-grid thus delete mass action doesn’t worked for one item and custom action doesn’t worked too.

    Mike Kudelya
    Mike Kudelya
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    By default this grid doesn’t use mass action, so id wasn’t added.

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