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    How do I :
    – 1. Move the toolbar to the bottom of the gridview?
    – 2. Change the pager from input to range of numbers like this image:

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    First, you have to overload datagrid module with requirejs configuration. In your bundle create requirejs.yml where define mapping:

    That says: all modules that requires original datagrid will get customized datagrid, but customized datagrid will get original datagrid.

    Create your own module for custom datagrid (‘mydatagrid/js/datagrid/grid’) where override template property:

    Same for pager. You have to overload orodatagrid/js/datagrid/toolbar
    module and define own pagination control.



    Thank you!
    I’ve tried extending the datagrid bundle and followed your guide. And it worked! :)
    However things are more complicated with filter extension because it belongs to another bundle with complex logic.

    I got stuck in customize filter extension. How do i change the filter extension template & how do i change the way the filter placeholder rendered? I’d like to remove the ‘manage filters’ html element, add a custom search input to do my own query. This maybe like the image below:



    I tried overwriting all ‘yml’ file in the ‘Resources/config’ folder. And it’s worked. Not sure it’s right way. Another problem is i can not add a new filter type although i followed the guide in document. Could you explain more about how to add new filter type?



    Well, somehow i think it worked, same as the DataGridBundle.

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