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    We have to integrate with a crappy old system that holds all our contacts. We’re given a unique ID and we use that ID to fetch information from an external API. So, our database has only two ids: the autoincrement internal ID and the external ID from this old system. Is it possible to create virtual entity fields that map to this API? I was thinking about creating a cache layer and magic methods on the entity (__get) so i can request data when needed, store on the cache. However, i’m not sure if the datagrids would be able to work with magic methods. Is this possible?

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    Mike Kudelya
    Mike Kudelya
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    For now datagrid is working with concrete entity fields. If freshness of data is not necessary i suggest you:

    1. Create new entity on orocrm side or use existing Contact entity.
    2. Create bridge between old system and orocrm.
    3. During the day synchronise through api calls.

    In other hand you can create your own datasource and get data from cache or other place. Here is ORM datasource which we are using in many datagrids.

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