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    hi guys, I’ve created new integration and setup simple import/export jobs in batch_jobs.yml.

    When oro:cron:integration:sync command is triggered I can see my import job with success but export job is not started at all. The “akeneo_batch_job_instance” table doesn’t contain any record with “export” as a value for the “type” column.

    I’ve done as per tutorial and implemented TwoWaySyncConnectorInterface in my connector and expose export job.

    It is my understading that “oro:cron:integration:sync” should execute all jobs (import and export type(s)) per integration. Any ideas what I am missing ?

    Many thanks.

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    Oro Core

    Hi, @Marko!

    Could you, please, provide the content of your batch_jobs.yml file?



    Hi @mmiasnikov, thanks for the reply.

    Here is my batch_jobs.yml content:

    Note#1: I am running ORO platform 2.0
    Note#2: I am able to start export job via “oro_importexport.job_executor” service in some dummy controller (for the testing purpose)

    Any ideas ?

    Many thanks.


    Oro Core

    Hi, @Marko.

    A small investigation reveals, that, indeed, oro:cron:integration:sync command doesn’t run export process at the moment. To make export performed, it is necessary, for example, to write specific Process and attach it to some trigger like an “update of some your entity” event.

    As example, take a look at the magento_customer_address_export Process (in particular, how it’s defined and used in OroMagentoBundle).


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    Hi @mmiasnkov, will go with your approach.
    Thanks again.

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