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    Question 1.
    I have the following Owner inline edit for a contact datagrid. It works fine. However the existing owner/user is displayed twice in the auto complete. How do I remove the repeated user?

    Question 2.
    Is it possible for customised drop down select in the inline edit? For example, I want to show users with Sales Role.

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    Yurii Muratov
    Oro Core

    Hi, @zhex900

    Question 1.

    You selected wrong autocompleter for the owner field. The users autocomplete will search users by VIEW permission to User entity.

    In case of owner field you should use another autocomplete that will take an ASSIGN permission for your entity (in your case – Contact) and then limit users for this permission. An example of such inline edit configuration you can find here:

    So, in your case, the config will be like:

    Question 2.

    The easiest way to do this is to set Assign permission for all roles except Sales role to null.

    More info about differences between permissions you can find in documentation

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