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    How can i change the behavior of datagrid ajax delete and ajax mass delete actions to force refresh the page. I have a page with multiple datagrids and a change in one will causes changes in the others, so i need to refresh the whole page to reflect all the changes.

    I would like to do this only for this page. I mean i do not want to change the behavior of those actions in the whole system.


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    Mike Kudelya
    Mike Kudelya
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    It is not necessary to reload whole page. Please put the following code to your template.

    – The mediator is listening on the ‘datagrid:afterMassRemoveRow:calendar-event-grid’ event and after that refresh users grid.

    – The regular delete action should work after you override delete-action.js and put the following code to this line and start listening new ‘datagrid:afterRemoveRow:[datagrid name]’ event on view page.

    Also you should declare in delete-action.js file the ‘oroui/js/mediator’, how it was done in delete-mass-action.js.

    – Run the following commands:

    I have wrote an example how to override JS files in custom bundle.

    I hope that these steps help you.

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