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    Hello, i have a datagrid widget on my dashboard for a custom entity, and i added some filters to the configuration.

    My problem is that the configuration is not used to filter the grid ( the grid return all the records )

    I read the documentation but i’m not sure if i’m missing something.

    Do i need some add some extra services or it just word out of the box. How does the datagrid knows how to filter the query ? Can you provide a more complete example ?

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    Oro Core

    Hi! The described message is, unfortunately, not enough to understand what is wrong. Could you please show me a more detailed about your datagrid? For provide you information about datagrid filters read and more examples you can find



    thanks for your reply.

    My grids work and the filters also, to list
    I was trying to put the some filters on the dashboard widget configuration. They work fine and i can save the configuration. But the problem was that the configurations weren’t used to modified the grid query / results.

    I think i need to use a datagrid listener

    to apply my widget selected configurations and filter my grid query. I tested and it works.
    Is this the way ?


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