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    I need to modify the behavior of the contact address widget, need to create a list of cities, one of the solutions that I thought was to create an entity of cities that relates to the country, and then add it in the address bundle.

    However when I create the city entity and relate to the country gives me the following error when I click on shema update.

    Column name id referenced for relation from Extend\Entity\Cidade towards Oro\Bundle\AddressBundle\Entity\Country does not exist.

    What would be the best way to do this in orocrm?

    I thank the attention


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    Dmitry Khrysev
    Dmitry Khrysev
    Oro Core

    You may modify address form with form extension in which you are able to replace existing city field with your implementation. As example you may use region field, as it already relates to country selector

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