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    There is this table I created. The table contains the type of street (e.g. Road, Street, Tce etc) and its Id.

    I want to add extra field to Address Entity that has ManyToOne relationship as Street Type field.

    I have created a migration script using addManyToOneRelation(), but when I run the command like “php app/console oro:migration:load –dry-run –show-queries –bundles AcmeMyBundle” it says like I cannot add the field to non extended table “Oro\Bundle\AddressBundle\Entity\Address”.

    Is there a way to make Address Entity Table as Extended Table by extra code in my migration script?

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    Alexandr Smaga

    Hello @hiro-ifactory!

    Unfortunately there is not possibility to make table extendable from third party code. We are planning to collect most needed for expanding entities and make them all extended.


    Thank you for the reply.
    I guess I have to add custom Address fields to my Entity for now.

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