Learn OroCRM


  The goal of documentations is to quickly find answers for the most commonly asked questions from the community and help developers to better understand the design and architecture of OroCRM and the OroPlatform
  • Oro Book – The Oro Book highlights several insights on fundamental features and is the place to start when beginning a new application or custom project.
  • Oro Cookbook – The Oro Cookbook includes commonly used solutions and “How to …?” answers.
  • Community Guide – The Community guide includes instruction for those who would like to participate in the development process.
  • The Oro Bundles – The OroPlatform together with the OroCRM offer wide range of bundles. This guide gives you an overview of all these bundles. For each bundle, it is shortly described which features it offers.
  • System Requirements – The software components that are required to install and use OroCRM and OroPlatform efficiently.