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Signature Products Group

Signature Products Group

SPG: Signature Products Group

Based out of Salt Lake City, Utah, SPG has been manufacturing and distributing a variety of outdoor tools, clothing, accessories, and more since 2001. In addition to their own genuine licensed products, they have built strong partnerships with brands such as Under Armour, Black Rhino, Browning, and Ducks Unlimited. They emphasize quality and authenticity above everything else.

The Challenge

In addition to their own stores, SPG sells their products through hundreds of different retailers throughout the U.S. These retailers are broken up into categories, such as “white-space retailers” and “buy-groups,” that come with their own unique opportunities. They were looking for a way to both increase sales in all categories and track their progress with each retailer.

  • SPG wanted a CRM tool that offered the flexibility to adapt to their non-traditional structure.
  • SPG also wanted a tool that would allow them to identify and quantify unique opportunities across each of their different retailers in order to increase sales throughout their business.

The Solution

SPG chose OroCRM over Salesforce due to its flexibility and its wealth of different features, capabilities and innovative ecosystem. For instance:

  • OroCRM is easily customizable, which was key for SPG’s unique needs.
  • OroCRM offers implementation and support in one easy and accessible package. The Oro team is also completely transparent and backed by a powerful community focused on giving SPG exactly what they need, rather than on upselling them.
  • OroCRM ultimately gives SPG’s sales department better control over their sales force and customer management, as well as their ability to track sales.
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