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Overture Promotions

Overture Promotions

Since 2001, Overture Promotions has created award-winning promotional branding campaigns for businesses of all sizes. Located in Chicago, Overture serves both domestic and international clients, including some of the world’s largest brands. Overture’s combination of passion and expertise is why companies like Dr. Pepper, Corona, Uber, Google and NBC rely on them to manage their branded merchandise and promotional items.

The Challenge

In 2011, Overture launched an e-commerce division, Blue Soda Promo, to offer promotional services to businesses online. Blue Soda Promo offers over 100,000 customizable promotional items. Fast growth to over $10 million in revenue and a workforce over 20 employees meant that Blue Soda Promo needed a highly scalable, robust and customizable CRM to ensure that the company could continue to grow.

  • Blue Soda Promo needed a flexible CRM, with the ability to create simple custom workflows without needing extensive customization.
  • Blue Soda Promo needed a solution that would allow them to see marketing campaign results across the website, social media, and both paid and organic search traffic. They also needed an easy way to track follow-ups with customers so no prospects fell through the cracks.

The Solution

  • OroCRM allows Account Managers to see data from all communication channels, including phone, email, web forms and live chat in a single, comprehensive view.
  • Once data is in the CRM platform, it is easy for marketing managers to gather metrics from individual marketing channels and campaigns, providing analytics to make future efforts even more effective.
  • OroCRM workflows streamline communication and save time. Automatic reminders are sent to customers at key intervals. Drip emails guide prospects through the sales funnel. Account representatives can see what happened in earlier communications, allowing them to touch customers at the right time with the right message.
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