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Advisors Excel

Advisors Excel

Founded in 2005, Advisors Excel is an Insurance Marketing Organization that connects Independent Financial Advisors with other insurance and financial organizations, helping them create the kind of business they want. By providing them with services that include marketing plans, product training, business consultation, and document preparation and scrubbing, their network of Advisors can spend less time on daily operations and more time focusing on their individual clients.

The Challenge

Since each of their Advisors is independent and typically self-employed, Advisors Excel wanted a single platform that could be used among a variety of unique businesses. However, there are gap in functionality for the insurance industry in the current CRM systems. As such, they required a custom platform that would help them do the following:

  • Improve the communication channels between them and their Advisors and help them get the right information to the right person.
  • Reduce organizational “drag” caused by moving information between so many hands.

The Solution

Advisors Excel chose OroCRM because its open-source technology allows them to adapt it to their unique business and industry needs. In particular, its support for multiple organizations was critical. For instance:

  • Advisors Excel can now easily keep all of their Advisor data separate from each other, but still maintain their role as parent organization through native functionality.
  • Each organization can also customize their application according to their own needs while still maintaining Advisor Excel’s base configuration.
  • All of this gives Advisor Excel the ability to share knowledge, records, processes, and historical data simply among organizations.
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