OroCRM at Symfony

Last Saturday, the 2013 Symfony Camp UA was held in Kiev, Ukraine. It brought together Symfony developers from all across Europe, and provided a unique setting to share experiences around projects based on the Symfony platform.

As a sponsor, Oro was able to bring in our team and showcase our company’s products – OroCRM and OroPlatform. We helped provide answers to current industry questions as we discussed the possibilities around Oro products and their real-world business application.

I also had the opportunity to present at the conference. My lecture was titled – “Distributed Computing in Symfony Using the Erlang Language.” I explained to attendees what distributed solutions Oro products can offer through the Symfony framework in parallel and distributed environments.

One of the features of OroCRM is a port bundle that connects Symfony to the Erlang language. While the Symfony framework certainly has limits, using it in conjunction with Erlang can help make a project much easier for developers. It is a functional language that allows multiple processes, direct node interaction, message passing, and solutions for deadlocks and race conditions.

It’s not a silver bullet, but the combination of Symfony and Erlang through this Erlang Port offers more flexibility to developers than before. This can be used with real-time servers, SaaS solutions, and regular distributed processing and modeling systems.

For more details, click here to view my presentation.

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