Oro Community Webinar: OroCRM and OroPlatform 2.0 and the Integration of OroCommerce with OroCRM


We’re pleased to inform our Community members of the upcoming webinar titled “OroCRM and OroPlatform 2.0 and the Integration of OroCommerce with OroCRM”. Anyone interested in innovative open-source business applications designed to accelerate business growth should consider attending this event.

Join this dynamic one-hour session on Wednesday, February 22, at 7 pm EET to gain an in-depth insight into the advanced functionality of the recently released 2.0 version of OroPlatform and OroCRM.

Yoav Kutner (founder and CEO), Jary Carter (founder and CRO), Dima Soroka (founder and CTO), Michael Bessolov (VP of Engineering), and Motti Danino (VP of Operations) will highlight the advancements made in this major release and will discuss the benefits of integrating OroCRM with the OroCommerce B2B eCommerce platform.

Key takeaways include:

  • New and improved features found in the 2.0 version of OroPlatform and OroCRM
  • Integration of OroCRM’s customer relationship management system with OroCommerce’s B2B platform
  • Company roadmap and achieved milestones

Our speakers will answer all of your questions during the Q & A portion of the webinar following the main presentation.
Register for the live session today!