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Improving Magento Performance with

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Last week we partnered with to bring you the webinar, “Improving Magento performance with”. This webinar highlighted how Blackfire, a web-based application empowering developers and IT/Ops to easily identify performance bottlenecks and resolve them quickly based on accurate data, can be leveraged to improve complex PHP business application performance.

During the webinar, Dima Soroka, Co-Founder and CTO of Oro Inc., presented a real use case of how Blackfire was used to optimize Magento implementation performance. He also showcased how we used Blackfire Profiler to discover a performance issue in Magento’s latest security patch SUPEE-6788. Dima was also joined by Fabien Potencier, the creator of the Symfony PHP Framework and CEO of, who provided the audience with a demonstration.

If you missed out on our live webinar, you can still watch the recorded version below or access the slides online from slideshare.



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