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    Just a quick guide to install ICU to be compliant with composer mandatory dependency ICU

    As root:
    # We start to uninstall default php-intl wich is compiled with ICU 42 (need at least 49)
    yum remove php-intl
    yum -y install php-devel php-pear
    cd /root
    mkdir src
    cd src
    # Download icu4c source 
    tar zxf icu4c-51_2-src.tgz
    cd icu/source
    # Compiling and installing in /opt/icu5c-51_2 folder
    ./configure --prefix=/opt/icu5c-51_2 && make && make install
    # Compiling PHP intl extension via pecl
    pecl install intl
    downloading intl-2.0.1.tgz ...
    Starting to download intl-2.0.1.tgz (149,430 bytes)
    .................................done: 149,430 bytes
    111 source files, building
    running: phpize
    Configuring for:
    PHP Api Version:         20100412
    Zend Module Api No:      20100525
    Zend Extension Api No:   220100525
    Specify where ICU libraries and headers can be found [DEFAULT] : /opt/icu5c-51_2
    # Create icu.conf file in /etc/ with the content:
    # Run
    # Edit /etc/php.ini add ~ line 937 the line
    #Then restart apache
    service httpd restart

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